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But unfortunately, this new call for action is dated 29 January 2016 (Friday). Just what we don’t need – another confrontation. COULD the FBI/State Police have handled it better? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. We can do after-action analysis all over the place, and even those with far more knowledge than most of us here (there are at least some exceptions with solid personal knowledge, training, and experience in such things) will almost always come up with what could have been done better, to enhance training for “next time.” I saw that time after time with aircraft incidents and accidents. No one’s perfect. But the facts also include the very poor decisions made by the Bundys, Finicum, and others, in how they handled this from their side. It’s not like they went into this blindly, with no idea that it could end in a shoot-out and people dying.

So this is NOT the time for some “patriots network” (I don’t care how large or small, known or unknown they are) to be calling for more congregation into an area where tensions are already high, and even the locals in large measure don’t want any more outsiders. Whatever happened to self-rule? Tensions are just too high, and this isn’t the time. So matt76’s assessment that, “This may have just taken a very bad turn,” would seem to be accurate. I sincerely hope not. The nation doesn’t care! (Partly because they know virtually nothing about it, and no one has explained it to them in a way that they feel a need to care.) What will more deaths get them, except more “Militia crazies get into 2nd gun battle with FBI” headlines? I don’t see anything good coming out of this new “call for action.” They CLEARLY have no concept about picking their battles in a way that will enhance their position.