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Freedom – let me ask you a question. Suppose Donald Trump wins the primaries, and goes to the convention with the majority of delegates. And suppose the RNC decides that’s not a good thing, and does a much larger version of what they did to Ron Paul, and (for example) strips Trump of a number of his delegates, to an extent that there’s no longer a majority. Remember, many of the primaries are now proportional – it’s no longer winner take all. So it’s quite conceivable that Trump, for example could have a relatively small majority, because in many states that he “wins,” he still doesn’t take home ALL of the delegates. So Cruz, or Rubio, or Bush, or whoever somehow ends up a close 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th. And with a few Trump delegates disqualified and replaced by decree of the RNC (as they did with Ron Paul), you end up with one of the current candidates that you just don’t want as the Republican candidate for POTUS.

Fast forward to November. Hillary has been indicted, and enough people bolted from her campaign that Bernie wins. Or alternately, the powers that be at the DNC decide Hillary is too vulnerable for November, and they, too, rig their convention, and Bernie is running in November for President, with Elizabeth Warren as VP, out of a brokered convention. Either way, it’s Bernie, let’s just say.

So – are you going to stick by your “if they do a brokered convention I will not vote” pledge? Will you REALLY sit back and not do anything at all to avoid a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren presidency, just because you’re rightfully infuriated at the RNC for thumbing their noses at the voters, and choosing “your” candidate for you? (By the way – that’s my argument right now – the RNC/Fox News Complex is determining your candidate as we converse on this very subject.) Whatcha gonna do with a Committee-selected Republican candidate that did NOT win the primaries, up against Ol’ Bern? Dogmatism can get people into trouble that’s worse than where they started…. (LaVoy Finicum discovered that in a most terminal manner this week, leaving a daughter that clearly loved her dad, and thought the world of him, without a dad for the rest of her life. And for what? But at least he stuck to his “guns.”)

I’ve already gone through my outrage four years ago at the Republican Party thugs and what they did all over this country to one candidate (Ron Paul). My own state was the place where one of the most egregious examples of delegate rigging took place (Athens, Clarke County, GA). The YouTube videos clearly, unarguably, documented it. And then there was Day-1 of the 2012 Republican Convention, with the rules changes and “firing” of key Paul delegates. Nope – I’ve already been through those outrages. But I haven’t chosen to take my marbles and just go home and then allow others to continue doing more of the same with even less opposition.

Your call….