Matt76 , they made a call to arms before this happened . Word travels fast on patriot networks . They had few takers respond to the call . Why ? because they screwed up big time by taking over a building , yes I understand why they thought they should do that , but it changed the entire dynamic of principle , from the view of the outside . It went from a defense / protection ideology , which almost everybody in that community can understand and feel is correct , to an offensive action , that does change things in a lot of people’s minds . I feel that this call to action will have just as few takers right now . Its a far different situation than the Bundy Ranch in Nevada . The ones that did respond , didnt stay long when the going got tough . Italians in WW2 come to mind . Cant really blame them either , because the actions were not completely in the right . The Bundy Ranch in Nevada was a defensive / protective measure , and it continued to grow in strength of numbers because of that .

74 , I agree with your interpretation .