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Tec, I fully agree overall. I’ve believed we are “done” for quite some time now. The denial breakthrough for me came with Thomas Sowell’s absolute answer, “No,” to the question just days before the 2012 election as to whether the US could survive as a constitutional republic if Obama gained a 2nd term. I didn’t want to stop believing in those kinds of miracles back then – this is the United States, after all, with a governing document like none other in the world – if only we’d use it. But of course the US couldn’t cease to be the US as we knew it – some bumps in the road, perhaps, but still the US. That fantasy thinking is gone, for me. My reference to Yogi and unexpected outcomes was ONLY pertaining to forcing candidates out of campaigning based solely on manipulated polls and broadcast network rules, in connection with the DNC and RNC, and all that political theater. I just want to let the candidates campaign, hear all the positions (in detail), listen to some true debate, and then vote. I don’t want to know what percentage of people believe this or that candidate, favor some other candidate, or whatever. It doesn’t matter to me what “most people” think. Number one, polling organizations ain’t what they used to be in terms of legitimate polling methods, and number two, they aren’t honest OR unbiased. (But then again, a biased poll is a dishonest poll….)

As for me, I want a paper ballot, with a matching numbered receipt, with no one having the number matched with who the voter was. Then when there’s a clearly rigged election, I want people to be able to go in and present their numbered receipts, be able to look at a copy of their own matched, numbered ballot, and know what was counted. I don’t care how long results take – just let them be paper ballots that can be verified at ANY time after the election, by the very voter that supposedly filled out ballot number such-and-such. And if I don’t like the names on the ballot, give me a blank line for a write-in.

But that issue is a whole ‘nother story, based on some absolutely blatant lying, cheating, and stealing of an election right in my own district a number of years ago. It was even reported to the paper that ran a story, as well as the Secretary of State (our state, not US), and finally the Federal Elections Commission. I know because I read the newspaper account about just how many people had complained about the same “impossible” circumstances with their votes, and I wrote the Sec. of State’s office as well as the FEC. Pointless waste of time. I just don’t want the process taken even further out of my own hands.