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Tolik, at least here, the write-in option does not exist at the national level. It’s not on the electronic machines, and when I asked, they said they had no mechanism for accepting an alternate write-in candidate.

As for the clearly “ain’t gonna make it’ candidates, I have to wonder if they’re there by direction – capture JUST enough votes to send the convention into chaos where nobody wins. I truly believe that’s what they feared with Ron Paul, because he possibly had enough delegates that were highly committed and couldn’t be pushed around by Reince Priebus and Company (and very sadly to me, that included Mitt Romney himself), and those delegates would keep a majority from emerging for any other candidate. They didn’t want to change the rules in a way that would make national headlines (so they did it on Day-1 JUST to get rid of Ron Paul, and nobody covered it). That way, they wouldn’t have to go into smoke-filled rooms and emerge with the ANNOUNCED candidate, which would really cause a rebellion within the party. I see that as a real possibility with both parties this time – keeping O’Malley in the Democrat line up so “adjustments” can be made at the convention, depending on what happens to Hillary legally. And with the long list of Republicans, they may be HOPING for a deadlock at the convention – so they can work their secret magic at the RNC top level, and select their candidate for us.

Still I say, let ‘em all run, unless they personally choose to quit, or run out of money.

I well remember the 1968 World Series. I was privileged to sit just to the left of home plate, not many rows back – absolutely incredible seat! But what was better was the fact that Detroit was down 3 games to one against the Cardinals. EVERYBODY had counted the Tigers out – with apparent good reason. Three long games later, Detroit won it in seven. Or the 1980 Holiday Bowl where BYU was down 45-25 toward the end of the game. And many BYU fans were leaving the stadium. Then McMahon threw a touchdown pass, BYU intercepted an onside kick fumble and turned it into a quick score, and with 13 seconds left on the clock, BYU regained possession, still down 45-39. Two incomplete passes later, McMahon tossed up one more as the clock ran out – caught in the end zone. Point after touchdown kick also good. 46-45, BYU.

Don’t EVER discount the great philosopher, Lawrence Peter Berra, who once famously remarked, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” There could be some blockbuster surprises in the works, or even completely unexpected. Yogi said so.