74, been there , done that , there is a big difference between mentally ill …….the real thing , and some normal person with personality quirks , or in a stage of life that is rough going , life happens , that gets diagnosed with whatever , that in reality there is nothing wrong with that person, that being pointed in the right direction , and some time to get their head together wont cure . They diagnose everything in this country as a ‘disorder ‘ , why ? so they have to pay for counseling , or shrink , and be given a drug to ‘ alleviate ” the symptoms . I’ve seen it too many times with my own eyes . In a lot of the cases , the drugs do more harm than good .

Yes and no , thats one good thing about the write in option we have in this country . We can vote for Mickey Mouse if we wish to . Ron Paul was subject to the same things you describe , and in that I agree with you , the people with low popularity should drop out for the good of the race , and the party of their own merit , they stay in out of ego rather than actual chances for the nomination . Ron Paul was pushed out , BUT the voter still had the option of voting for him anyway ………which many did . That is the responsibility of the voter , if they dont do that ……………….you cant fix stupid . The voter has the choice , always , if they choose to do it or not is another matter ………but they have the option no matter what the media says .