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Only the top 4 need to keep going, All the rest need to drop out.

When I say the top four, it is the top four on all the polls.

That’s exactly my point. You’re wanting to allow the media and the polling companies to shape public opinion in order to totally eliminate “certain” candidates – before a single vote has even been cast. I absolutely reject that notion. If some guy (or woman) doesn’t plan their campaign well enough and runs out of money, or they just don’t have the energy left to continue the campaign, and THEY take themselves out of the process, fine. We wouldn’t want them in the White House messing with the money of the entire nation, or not having the energy to keep at it for a minimum of four years. Otherwise, let all the voices be heard by the broad population, in detail, and let the people make up their minds at the voting booths. If campaigns want to do their own polling to sharpen their strategies, that’s legitimate. But of what value is a poll to a VOTER? It’s only of “value” if they want to let the majority make up that voter’s mind and determine his or her vote. I’d just as soon have NO publicly available polls prior to the election. They only shape opinions, and anybody with even just a bachelors degree in sociology understands the massive power of “group think.” There are very grim experiments that have shown that people can be induced to actually cause harm to others, simply because of peer pressure, or “group think.” And that’s just what your “top four” plan does.