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Whirli, GS,
I have to agree with you both. I can’t blame the officers for firing. I have watched the video several times. My first impression was yes he went for his gun. Without audio it will be impossible to know for sure what happened. I will say that upon my second viewing of the video the question did come up as to whether it was possible LaVoy could have been trying to open his jacket to show he wasn’t armed(9 mil. could have been planted later). Just playing devils advocate here. Either way I believe the officer was justified that fired the first shot. My first impression was that he was going for a gun so I can assume the officer thought so too. You make a move like that you are going to get shot bottom line. As for the girls testimony I think she may have just freaked out. As GS stated her lack of experience could have blinded her to what was actually happening. It was reported and you can see some of it in the video that flash bangs, pepper spray, OC and rubberized bullets were used to subdue the others in the truck. I’m sure it sounded like the truck was being cut to shreds. Such a sad situation that buried the true issues.