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Trump sales job? I don’t question that for a moment.

Mental health issue? When most people hear that term, they tend to think some varying degree of “crazy.” My bet is that it would fall in the realm of what’s commonly known as a personality disorder, if it rises to that level. Those folks can think VERY clearly, and are often of above average intelligence. That they don’t come to the same conclusions most people would is true, but do they understand what other people are saying and what they see in front of them with their eyes? Yes. No hallucinations, no voices in their heads, nothing like that. They can be very cold and calculating, intellectually know that they’re causing pain for other people (emotional or physical), but they simply don’t care. Their two primary emotions are generally personal pleasure of some sort, and anger. If someone close to them dies, the apparent grief is of a character much different than so-called “normal” (whatever that is) people. It’s all about them, and their loss, not just the natural, understandable inner aching when someone important to them is suddenly gone – a subtle difference perhaps on the surface, but the better you understand it, it’s very, very different than most people’s grief. And if they can blame somebody else? Look out!

I suspect our current commander-in-chief falls squarely in that category. And I suspect Trump does also. They know how to use people for their own pleasure and gain, and toss them aside when they’re no longer useful. And if you cross people of their types, it can become extremely dangerous.

So – does Trump know exactly what he’s doing? No question. Does he have all kinds of connections, and all kinds of inside information? No doubt – he’s got the money and the history to prove he’s very expert at that sort of thing. Could we use someone like that in the White House? No – because it would not be for the good of the country, unless that was just a side benefit, or a temporary one that made him look good so he could further his OWN agenda. Crazy like a fox is the old saying.