The traffic stop was the least dangerous for all involved, no crossfire possibility, no innocents, the location can be “controlled” within reason.

The roadblock was set up that far ahead, either earlier or far enough ahead to give room for the traffic stop with a safety buffer for other traffic or in case the vehicle didn’t stop. Fairly standard.

You will note how long it took the chase vehicles to enter the scene, they were waiting for the fight to be over to enter safely, also so the roadblock personnel didn’t think it was more of the militia members coming in.

Totality of the facts point toward suicide by cop, self martyrdom.

He refused legal orders, attempted to elude, recklessly endangered those in the truck, refused to comply again after the truck stopped, and then made a movement as if he were going for a gun, called a furtive movement.

All this after publicly announcing he wasn’t going to jail.

You will be hard pressed to find a cop who wouldn’t shoot under those circumstances.

We won’t even speculate on the possibility of the rumored explosives coming into play.

End result? He killed himself, someone else just has to live with pulling the trigger he was to cowardly to do himself.