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Much of how my world has changed in the past year will remain private on line. But some of the changes may be relevant here. For one, I found the SHTF Forum, thanks to two good members here, with whom I had previous association on an on line forum of which we were all a part since (or very shortly after) its creation many years ago. That fell apart for a variety of reasons. While it did not define me, I did find it to be a great resource to have, and a place to re-ground myself from time to time. It was also a place where I could remind myself that either I wasn’t entirely crazy, or else I at least had others with whom we could all be roughly equally crazy, which thereby created normalcy. <grin>

While that previous forum didn’t include as much prepping, it was still a good group of folks. And I have appreciated an equally good bunch of folks here. PLUS, the additional hints, projects, etc., still provide me with significant ideas and new information as I dig back further and further in some threads. I’m a better, and more prepared person because of the posts here.

We’ve learned to start disposing of more and more things that were not as important to us anymore. They’d just been around for so long, AFTER having been important in previous years (or decades), that it was hard to part with them. And rationality set in, allowing us to prioritize (still very much an ongoing, but fortunately progressing, process).

We added some new “equipment” (nothing implied or intended – just a generic term covering a lot of different things) in the past year, learned new ways of doing things, and more seriously committed to growing a lot more of our own things for personal consumption. It’s better for us now, and will be critical for us later if we’re still around once the SHTF.

We’re beginning to move toward having an alternative electrical source for at least some things, in the past year. That’s still in its infancy, but at least the technical knowledge is coming up quickly, and a little of the equipment is now part of our “inventory.” Having largely conquered the survival water problem, it became clear that power was another area needing considerable attention.

It’s late, my brain is shutting down, and some of the other changes need to stay on my side of my finger tips, so I’ll leave it at that.

Oh – one last thought. It’s probably been in about the last year, not much more at most, that I’ve finally decided that the once great United States is not a constitutional republic, and that our Constitution is no longer the supreme law of the land in actual practice. What I learned in school as a kid is now largely a fairy tale. And I’ve moved past the denial as well as anger stages, of that grieving process. Along with that, I’m particularly grateful for this forum for gaining a much greater understanding of what’s really going on in the lives of very real people in other countries all over the globe. This has been a wonderfully eye-opening experience for me here, if only for that one reason (but of course there’s much more).