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Just a bit of correction on the history. The rather long, and apparently well researched history under the Breitbart banner is good material (I referenced/linked it earlier myself), does need a bit more updating. While the following source is not exactly one I’d go to with great confidence, this story does seem to get it fairly right on the history that existed even before Teddy Roosevelt declared the land an Indian Reservation in 1908 – without any Indians. There’s a huge story behind that, like so many other Indian stories: treaties made, boundaries drawn, encroaching European-extract settlers want the land as they move westward, so the Indians get “moved” once again (forced marches, ambushes, etc.). There are other sources, but you’d have to piece them together, and this one (despite the source) seems pretty thorough and accurate from what I’ve gotten from other sources.


The bottom line is that the land is just one more example of land “given” to Indian tribes, and once they’re settled, they’re booted off their new land illegally. Researching the Republic of Lakotah is an interesting study for anyone interested in that process. Russell Means fought (hard!) for that to come to pass, right up until his death. So in my opinion, FWIW (all of an inflated 2¢ using non-copper pennies), the Bundy Brothers never got their “cause” right in the first place, and thoroughly “dissed” the Paiutes big time when challenged on who should “own” the land if the feddies don’t.