Here is another point , once the feds have the area contained …………………game over , whats the hurry ? The Romans were masters of containment , as were medieval people ……..once done you simply wait , you hold all the cards . Why push the issue if there isnt something sinister going on within their ranks . FBI credibility is absolute zero . Another way is to do nothing ………or passive isolation , what this does is make the movement loose steam and support , which it naturally would , people would be forced to go home , militia cant stay forever and would leave ………….either way , the occupiers loose ……………so whats the hurry . That has to be asked if they considered their motives just . Containment could have been done by the Sheriffs dept and not the feds .

Because it’s ‘Federal’ land, the local SO isn’t the LE agency in charge.
Same as Indian Reservations, the BIA has to hand certain things over to the FBI, depending on the crime.

The local SO just wanted these guys to go home, said so a while back.
Looks like the Oregon State Patrol was involved with the roadblock though, possibly the shooting.

The group had already been working on/talking about getting out, talks had been in process.

The warrant was realistically a means to keep the leaders away from the rest of the group so they become even more disillusioned and would just leave.
Hence the ‘traffic stop’ at a roadblock.

They had been cut off for a while, little fanfare, little notice outside that one ‘blogger’ who embedded with the group.

My biggest problem isn’t the lack of info from the FBI, been there, done that, nothing gets out until the investigation is complete, tainting evidence and witnesses is an issue.
But it’s the three plus different ‘eyewitness’ accounts from various sources.
The stories don’t match, from the daughter, the Bundy wife, the people who drove by, etc.

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” all over again.

Here’s a scary thought, someone at the FBI was actually thinking after the shooting, they sat back and reviewed video (hopefully there is some) and decided to wait until the investigation is over to release it. Both for due process (something forgotten nowadays) and to allow the “witnesses” to lie to the press to discredit themselves when the video and evidence is released.

We are waiting for Paul Harvey, and the “Rest of the Story” on this one.

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