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74 is right, the general public does not understand Federal land ownership very much. This is especially so when there are so many Bureaus involved and different types of Federal land ownership. A big chunk of Vermont is National Forest. People here see it as a good thing in that the Feds preserve a huge swath of land at Federal expense. The land my son bought last year is within the authorized area of the Green Mountain National Forest but there are no restrictions on its use being the Feds don’t own that parcel and it’s on a public road. Though National Forests have nothing in common with grazing lands out West, when all local folks know is how this National Forest operates, their opinion of Federal land ownership is positive. Folks our West need to mount an education campaign if they ever hope to sway public opinion. The reality however is that nothing will change out West if State govts aren’t demanding that Federal land be turned over to them.