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Good points all around. I just hope this doesn’t fade out of sight in the public eye and we never see the details of the single death. As sledjockey said above, in Ferguson, Newtown, San Bernardino, and others, coverage was very different. We had news conferences on a regular and frequent basis, telling us what they knew at the time, with updates every few hours. In this case, there’s a virtual news blackout on LaVoy Finicum’s death. We’ve all (here) had the opportunity to listen to one allegedly eye witness account by a young woman, but I have seen nothing from that interview in any mainstream “news” statements. And all I’ve seen is statements that the FBI isn’t going to discuss an ongoing investigation. Period. Silence. No photos of the vehicles, not even any claims that Finicum pointed any weapon at agents (maybe he did, but I haven’t seen a claim that he did, let alone evidence).

I’m not one to jump to the conclusion that the remote location of the confrontation was designed to keep news media or the general public away from it. It truly may have been a legitimate concern that there would be a major gun battle, based on some of the statements coming from some of the armed occupiers, and the reported statements in some news reports. Tensions may well have been very high for the law enforcement side that night, as they waited in what certainly was at least a roadblock, and what could easily be considered an ambush. Whether that ambush was intended to kill somebody, I’m not at all ready to go out and claim. But it was none the less an ambush: a planned intercept of the group that was planning on going to a meeting at a town some distance from the refuge they’d overtaken. And the group knew nothing, apparently, that anyone was out there waiting for them in the dark. That’s an ambush. I actually suspect that the LE folks were quite surprised when they weren’t met with a hail of gunfire. But the fact is, we’ve got NOTHING except a recording that sounds pretty convincing of a young woman who claims things she witnessed – much of which is terribly concerning, IF true. And I fear this will go away because it was “only” one right wing whacko that was removed from the gene pool (as it’s being portrayed). Easy to forget, therefore no outcry from the public to learn details. And if a murder actually occurred, we may never know. And if a murder did NOT occur, we may never know. Right wing white lives don’t have the same equivalency as black lives, when one of each is lost.