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L Tecolote, the reality is he was born to a Muslim father and then raised in his younger years by a Muslim stepfather in a Muslim country. I have long thought the reason we have never seen the birth certificate is because it deemed him a Muslim at birth. There is no way a Muslim father of stepfather would allow their son to be raised as anything other than a Muslim. Then he comes to Hawaii living with his white grandparents in a setting in which he was likely the only black kid and it is easy to understand both his affection for Islam and the black chip on his shoulder.

What I’d like to know is who funded his college, how pretty much all of his records were nicely disappeared before he even became a serious Presidential candidate, and why after 8 years we are still at a point where the man has virtually no past. Only a couple people have acknowledged knowing him in high school, nobody seems to have known him in college, and even his young adulthood is largely blank.