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I ordered that set of books. $85 plus $3.99 S&H. Based on old books I have bought in the past that is a very good price. This will just exacerbate my shelf space problem because they’ll need to get a good spot. I had shelves built in 3 rooms but even then I only have half the shelf capacity that I had at the old house. I did clear out some low value (to me) books when we moved and boxed up maybe 50 years worth of National Geographics but with acquisitions since then I need more than twice the capacity I have just for that which deserves shelf space. The overflow is in bookshelves in the basement, and even they are at capacity. I wonder if my wife would notice if some of her books disappeared…..

As an aside my favorite set of books is a set of Americana Encyclopedias from 1958. They are totally outdated on matters of science and politics of course but they contain far more historical and geographic detail than you find in modern sets. I frequently use the State maps in them when working on genealogy because they are so detailed.