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I just listened to the supposed eye-witness account of the one death, and it certainly is very, very troubling (and difficult) to listen to. Beyond that, It also does not sound like an obviously fabricated story. I really, really want to see the photos of the vehicle they were in – that will tell a book-load of information by itself. If she’s being honest (and accurate, given the trauma that certainly would have clouded at least some perceptions), and the car is indeed riddled with bullet holes (as sledjockey said, Bonnie & Clyde style – I thought exactly the same thing as I listened to her) – then the news media story that there were only three shots fired goes totally out the window. And if all the occupants – or even ANY of them – were firing at the FBI, I simply don’t believe the only person dead would have been the one that made it out of the vehicle. And for any of them to be actually RELEASED to where this young woman could have made the audio recording of what happened, never would have happened, if the FBI had been shot at by even one person still inside that car. Something, on one side or the other, is terribly riddled with outright lies. And for now I’ll just leave it at that. I am having a hard enough time wrapping my head around what it sounds like COULD have happened.

Something’s terribly wrong with this picture, and at this point one could say that the Bundy brothers (and others) went about their protest in the wrong way. Personally, I agree with Cliven Bundy when he said he wouldn’t have gone about it the way his sons did (taking over the refuge property). But this outcome quite likely should not have ended this way regardless – out in the middle of nowhere, out of cell phone coverage. I truly fear this is going to be used as great propaganda to show how crazy all the “right wingers” and “conservatives” are, and how the feds had to do what they could do to eradicate the nation of this cancer that seeks to overthrow this wonderful nation of ours. It will be more than interesting to see how the news media handles this in the coming days. They have the same access to this as we do, and then some, and certainly have that audio recording. We will learn much from the outcome, regardless of whether the Bundys were right or not in how they handled it all.