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Sounds like a good purchase.

Here is something I did. Most would not consider it a prep at all, and perhaps a waste of money but of late I have been searching out any buying a bunch of books that relate to our family history, both mine and my wife’s. A number of them have been published family histories that include much about the lives of individuals and the times they lived in. Others are person-specific or instead are the history of a place or a point in time that are relevant to our family.

For example last night I ordered a book on the Battle of King’s Mountain that was published in 1881. A number of my wife’s ancestors fought there, and in the manner of books published long ago it provides far more detail at 612 pages than a more contemporary book would. I also ordered a more recent book (1995) about one specific ancestor of hers that met his personal Waterloo at King’s Mountain.

Many of the books I’ve bought have been reprints as I want the data, not the antique value of buying an original. This is something I have done for many years when I bumped into something relevant. What’s changed of late is that I am seeking out such books proactively.

I’ve also been picking up more newly published history books, and also from library sales more used history books that are practically free.

Why am I doing this? In a world slowly going crazy (or rapidly depending upon one’s perspective), I am thinking perhaps my kids and grand kids might someday draw some strength understanding where and from whom they come from, especially if they understand the history and what their ancestors had to overcome or go through, and to a lesser extend just general history so as to understand other times and people. Yes you can look up just about anything on the internet now but will that always be the case?

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