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One guy is dead, and perhaps more to follow, and for what? What in the world did they think they were going to accomplish seizing that facility? That the Feds would turn over control of Federal lands to the States because these guys said so? None of the Western States are demanding it nor does the vast majority of the public see the current arrangement as a problem. Don’t get me wrong. I think most Federal land should be turned over to the States but most are oblivious that is even an issue.

Do they really think the two ranchers would be released from prison because these guys said so? Follow the Constitution they say but let’s have mob rule with us deciding who goes to jail or not rather than the courts. Sure there was a grave injustice done to those two ranchers but this isn’t how it gets fixed.

If folks in the rural West want changes concerning the role of the Federal govt on land issues, a good place to start would be by mounting a media campaign to educate and hopefully sway public opinion to their side. If what the Feds are doing is unconstitutional, then file suit in Federal courts as many times and in as any ways as needed to get their voices heard.

Much of the problem I think is that they are just so close to their issues that they have missed the big picture on how they might have gotten somewhere. Now they’re at the point that those who don’t leave in body bags will be going to jail.