We live in a somewhat rural setting. We have chickens and plan to get goats for milking after we complete a few other things. Our state is full of cities, so being rural out here means we are only 30 minutes from bigger cities.

I have been prepping water, food and first aid supplies for 7 years now. We are in the process of building rain gutters onto our home. Our immediate issue is home security because my dogs are friendly, and as I described in another thread I have glass windows and doors all over this house. People don’t typically have basements here because of earthquakes so being on a slab the basement idea is not doable unless we come up with some cool idea elsewhere on this property and have the funds to back it up. lol

I have printed out a lot of how-to info off the web and printed hard copies of everything I think I need to know and put it in binders and tabbed it so I can find it. If the grid goes down then cds or dvds won’t do me any good.

Canning and dehydrating are skills I have learned in the last 4 years and do pretty regularly. For instance, during certain holidays certain meats go on sale (like Turkey at Thanksgiving) so I will buy about 10 of them and can them. And I do this with ham, chicken breasts, and bacon too. When certain fruits or veges go on sale in their season I buy a bunch of it and dehydrate it too. I make it a habit to buy a few packs of canning jar lids every time I shop certain stores just to build up a supply to stash away.

I am learning to make my own rugs and blankets. I think this is a good skill, especially if clothing can be recycled to make these things. During the great depression people did the very same thing.

We have 2 wood burners and a big fireplace inside our home that we could cook on and heat the house with in a grid down situation. We have an outdoor fireplace that could be used in the summer.

We frequently go to second hand shops and look for things like cast iron cookware and leather coats to repurpose for other needs. Never know what you will find in those places.

As far as bugging out we are bugging in. If they do Rex 84 type round ups then we will fight back so they won’t take us alive. If we need to evacuate for some reason then I have no certain plans. We aren’t old but we aren’t young either and I can’t see myself roughing it in the woods eating bugs, wrestling bears, and trying to survive a cold winter on foot. But who knows????? Never thought I’d be living here either!?!?