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Oh – and as for Putin for President, at least the Russians have it figured out much better than the Americans. I guess maybe we can use him once he flees his own people.

Nearly half of Russians agree that a quiet anti-constitutional coup has taken place in the country through changes of law that favor corrupt officials in power, according to pollster the Levada Center.

The survey of 1,600 Russians was conducted at the end of December 2015 and involved two groups of 800 people. The first was asked if “recent changes to Russian legislation defending highly ranked corrupt officials at the top of the national government and increasing the crackdown on those who deal in criticising and unmasking them, are all testament of a quiet, anticonstitutional coup in the country?”

Forty-two percent was either entirely in agreement or somewhat in agreement, while only 4 percent completely disagreed. Thirty-six percent struggled to respond.