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So how about a little review as it changes?

I can definitely do that….. As a matter of fact I can cover a few things I leaned while I was swapping out the ATI kit. I also shot it this weekend and I can cover a few things regarding how well it functioned and its accuracy.

The first item I will address is the accuracy…… This thing is actually quite accurate. Although I did not put it on paper – yet – every little chunk of wood, clay pigeon, soda bottle, and beer can that I aimed at was immediately having a bad day. I have shot older WASR’s and other AK’s on numerous occasions. Each one had its own idiosyncrasies and required a bit of redneck engineering in one way or another. Some required a lot of Kentucky windage right out of the box to put lead on target. Others had a strange “buck” to them where the stock had to be refit so as to take up some of that flex. Even my friend’s WASR (about 3 years old) shot more like an old truck gun than anything that you should rely on….. This one? Much different and I am quite happy with it. When I get a chance to put it on paper, I will measure out the grouping, chrono it, and get an idea of how well it truly performs. Until then, I feel 100% confident that any discarded trash left in a rock quarry will be in serious danger if it tries to take me out!

As to the upgrades thus far:
I took the whole rifle apart and cleaned all contact/slide points (except trigger/hammer contact points) up with 6000 grit Emery cloth, soaked it in a good penetrating oil overnight, ran all the internal parts I could fit into my ultrasounic for a few hours and put everything back together with a good coating of Rem-oil. I also polished up the contact points on the trigger and hammer. This took a while because I had a hell of a time getting the group out. I also had a difficult time getting the rifle apart for the furniture swap the first time which I will cover after I complain about the trigger disassembly. I think it might be something that they do during factory assembly because it I was almost at the point of giving up on getting the stupid pins out for both the trigger and the hammer. After the first disassembly everything was much easier to take back apart. The springs on the hammer are vicious as well. I got smacked several times by that damned hammer spring so be careful.

After polishing up and cleaning the internal parts, I no longer have any of that gritty feel to the trigger. It is nice and smooth. I do need to get a scale to check trigger weight, but I can most easily compare it to the ALG trigger in my brother’s AR. He has the $65 dollar one and my AK trigger is a bit smoother and about that same weight pull now.

As for the furniture, getting the fore end pieces off and reinstalled was harsh. The ATI pieces fit really tight and require you to pry it the bottom section a bit to make it clear the barrel during installation. After I have taken it apart several more times for cleaning, the parts are more easily assembled not unlike the trigger group. The ATI top section actually was the hardest to get installed. There are little tabs that have to fit inside the lower section for you to be able to flip over the retaining piece. The top and bottom must fit tightly together and I had to do some prying to get it to fit the first couple times. Now it slips on and off without too much difficulty, but the first time required about 20 minutes of cursing and manipulation.

Oddly enough the stock was the easiest part. I did have to drill two holes into the stock itself, but this was quick and easy compared to the other work I did on it.