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Had no idea that in this day and age , there were still a hand full of states that didnt furnish their residents with a proper DL .

“Proper DL?” I find it rather surprising that here, of all places, people don’t seem to be the least bit concerned that states are entirely cooperative with FedGov in issuing us our “papers.” Why should my finger print and who knows what all else be encoded on the back of my DL? I was thrilled that my state was one of the last holdouts on the REAL ID law, and was refusing to assist FedGov in collecting and having yet another link to significant personal data. Then they, too, bowed to federal pressure with the threat of loss of massive federal funds if they did not comply.

Is no one concerned that we now are required to carry a national ID card? That’s not just my paranoid thinking, that’s literally what it is, and what it was explicitly designed to be. And not one of us has any choice in the matter, even if our individual state flipped off FedGov and continued to refuse to comply with the REAL ID Act. There is a provision in the law that mandates everyone to have a compliant card – they were just nice enough to allow us old guys (those over 50, or more specifically those born before 1964) to wait until 2017 to comply. After that, we’re in violation of federal law if we can’t produce our national papers. And the law further states that DHS has the authority, without seeking any further permission of Congress, to make up new rules as to how the REAL ID can be used.

Perhaps I’m the only one that still bristles when the government first smiles at me and says they’re going to give me a new benefit, such as being able to travel on public transportation for example – a “benefit” I had already possessed during my entire lifetime. Oh yes – in exchange for the new benefit, I have to give up even more personal freedoms and privacy. And if I don’t want the “new” benefit anymore (translated as, I don’t want to be able to ride the train, fly on commercial airliners to visit my kids, etc.), then I will be in violation of federal law and subject to penalties (and even more losses of freedoms).