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We had a security system installed when we bought our present home being it was a 2nd home sitting empty during the week. Just the doors are wired. Anyone coming in via windows won’t get very far before a motion detector catches them. In our case the objective is to just scare off a low intelligence intruder when the alarm goes off. The Sheriff’s Dept doesn’t respond to private residence security alarms. Not staffed for it I suppose. The security company we use notifies the State Police instead, and it would be luck of the draw how quickly they arrived, especially in the wee hours of the night when none are on patrol. This is why I say low intelligence because a professional would know odds are on their side that a quick police response would not be forthcoming. Fortunately as noted in the past, there is little to no crime of that nature around here. The druggies seem to prefer robbing convenience stores and banks.