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GS, Thanks for your “long” post, above. You rightly pointed out that this is just the next incremental step in the ongoing de facto trashing of the protection of rights that the Constitution was/is alleged to guarantee. Every small step into serfdom has been primarily due to some seemingly minor change in law, often said, at the time, to be unimportant ,or something that would never be enforced, except in some dire emergency, unforeseeable at present, unlikely ever to occur.

And then, Pow! The “unforeseeable” condition, or some reasonable simulation manifests, and the authors of the latest “necessary” step in “top-down democracy” are proven to be prescient! (Or part of the Plan, all along.) But by then, it doesn’t matter, because it’s already law, and the guys with the guns are ordering people to do what the Constitution says they can’t.

As for the armed rebellion that is supposed to develop in response, it all depends on how the “necessitating” matter develops, how it is presented to the troops/officers expected to enforce it, how it is presented by media to people not on scene, and just how the affected people react. But even a successful local uprising could only lead to more government reaction, and potentially, an opportunity for foreign involvement, none of which is likely to benefit an oppressed people trying to salvage their remaining rights, or keep their nation from further degradation.

Perhaps it has always been so, but at least within my lifespan, to date, and within the scope of my reading, most of the laws that have nullified or blunted our rights have been inspired by a single source — the central bank and its hellish quest to own the entire world, plus five percent, i.e., to have the entire population of the planet, except themselves, in lifelong bondage. For such people, enough can never be enough.

For those who’d like to see a free well-researched/written pamphlet outlining the history, and leading to the near-present, see:
Follow The Money pamphlet format, 31 pages.

If you’re interested enough to read (also free) in greater depth, see:
Money: Defending Your Prosperity book format, 150 pages.

Cry, "Treason!"