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Sled, quite honestly I don’t understand what the objection is to having driver’s licenses that actually verify you are who you are. Mine has my address, photo, birth date, height, weight, hair color, eye color. Nobody but me is going to be able to use that license as ID. I think that is the point of it all. And I had to produce my birth certificate in order to get the license. None of it was a big deal.

I feel bad for folks from States that don’t want to comply with having proper driver’s licenses. Getting passports is added expense and effort that folks shouldn’t need to do if not exiting the country. US Passports are good for 10 years once you get it though. Kids are only 5 years I think.

GS, if coming up for foliage and if you wanted to extend the trip into Canada, try Quebec City. It is as close to visiting an old European city as you will find in North America. Stay in the “Old City” within either the old walled part of the upper city or just below it in the lower city. This is the heart of the tourist area and you can walk anywhere, upper or lower from anyplace upper or lower (there is an outside funicular to bring you between upper and lower if you don’t want to climb the stairs). We always stay in the suite in a boutique hotel in the lower city for the same price you’d pay for a ordinary run of the mill room in NYC. The Frontenac on the other hand can be pretty pricey. Everyone speaks English in the Old City, but if you venture into non-tourist areas of Quebec there’s a good chance nobody speaks English. Quebec City is one of my absolute favorite places.