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Just a “small” thing, but on Fox News this afternoon when I briefly watched a summary of the news, they showed five candidates’ pictures as the only ones that could “possibly” hope to win the Republican nomination, with the percentages from the latest Iowa poll. The photos (and percentages) in order, were:
Trump 34%, Cruz 23%, Rubio 12%, Carson 7%, and Bush 6%.

Only one little problem: the photo that SHOULD go with the 6% is Rand Paul. And between Rand Paul at 6% and Jeb Bush at only 4% is Chris Christie (also at 4%), on the REAL Iowa poll.

So, if ALL the photos from Trump to Bush were included from the REAL Iowa numbers, there would have been seven photos, not five, and Paul would have been two photos to the LEFT (i.e. higher) than Bush. But all we hear about is Bush still having a chance.at unseating Trump, Cruz, or Rubio (Carson’s photo and percentage were there, but he wasn’t mentioned either).

This is not the first or even second time I’ve seen that done, just on Fox alone. And they used to do it to Rand’s father frequently too, particularly in the 2012 cycle. They’d just show the “leading” candidates photos, and leave Ron Paul completely out – even though he was, at least at the time, CLEARLY within the top tier, and at least one of the photos of “top tier” candidates (interpreted as “the only ‘legitimate’ candidates”) was significantly lower in the polls than Ron Paul. All we heard on the news today was discussion about what Bush will have to do to maintain and improve his standing, and win some actual primaries, and comparisons with Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. Carson and Paul were entirely absent from any mention whatsoever, despite polling higher than Bush.

Again, note that the results of the Iowa poll were withheld until AFTER the Fox News “deadline” to qualify for the further-reduced number of “top tier” of candidates to be presented in the prime time debate on 14 January. I can’t wait to see the lineup for this Thursday’s “top tier” debate. Here’s Fox’s criteria:

Republican presidential candidates will have three different ways to qualify for the main stage at the next GOP debate on Jan. 28 in Des Moines, with national polls, as well as Iowa and New Hampshire polls, included in Fox News’ criteria.

To qualify for the prime-time debate, candidates have to place in the top six nationally in an average of five recent polls, or in the top five in Iowa or New Hampshire in an average of five recent polls recognized by Fox News, which is hosting the debate.

And that, boys and girls, is how it’s done. Perception by the public is everything, and the media controls the perception. Wheeee! Politics is so much fun. [What? Me sarcastic? :-) ]