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I watched your videos GS and am reminded that I don’t understand the relative lack of lawsuits and media follow up to the law enforcement abuses in New Orleans at the time of Katrina. Though it was a no-brainer that such a hurricane would hit New Orleans at some point (and will hit them again someday), it was an unprecedented event nonetheless, and in a city that on a good day is borderline lawless. That doesn’t excuse how authorities reacted at all however. I don’t know whether a lesson was learned or not but we didn’t see a repeat when Sandy hit Metro NYC impacting vastly more people.

On the military authorization issue, I suppose I will have to read the actual proposal which to date I haven’t seen anywhere. Lots of folks are saying it means martial law in the US but I’d like to see it in writing. The part that I haven’t heard much discussion of is maybe “they” know a whole lot more of what the jihadis are planning and that is what is prompting this authorization being debated.,