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Leopard, first I’m very glad to hear about the rain. I hope somehow they can capture enough of it to have a store of it for the coming dry times again.

Mountainbiker characterized it rather well as conditions relate to the US. One additional factor, however, is the issue of black Americans. They obviously aren’t part of the other groups (European, Scandinavian, British, etc.) in various parts of the US. They are very small in numbers in some areas, but in others, they’re large enough to create enormous difficulties – when they choose to – even in majority white areas. I shudder to think what it must be like where the situation is reversed, and you are the minority, with such open (even murderous) hostility by the majority. It’s bad enough here by a minority OF the minority. MB’s “additional thought” is spot on. From your description, it might appear that the white population in SA fits into both of his two categories. If it’s possible, I truly hope that you (and the other South Africans here) can indeed emigrate in favor of a longer term safe, and hopefully prosperous future.