Look what it would take to subdue some of the bigger western cities . I know Phoenix well , yes they could play with water and power , but it would only piss off the population more , in that metro area alone , there are over 6 million people , probably closer to 7 if you count all the un-annexed townships and cities . If only 1/5 th of the population decides to fight , thats over a million people . It covers an area bigger than some of the smaller North Eastern states ! Holding onto even a small part of that city is going to be a drain . It will be a Stalingrad for the feds in many areas . Then there is the factor of mutiny , defections , and desertion in the ranks as time goes on . When your doing things in your own country , on your own soil , it becomes a lot more tricky . Local law enforcement have the most to loose in that situation , as their families are from and in the area . Another thing in the bigger picture , that is dangerous for a government , is that when you declare war on your own people , and have severe internal strife . It takes a lot of manpower and resources to maintain control , this leave you very vulnerable to outside attack , we are geographically difficult to get to , BUT , US presence all over the globe could be wiped clean by countries that are not having problems internally , China and Russia come to mind , would definitely loose the middle east , others would follow .

” All plans fall apart on first contact with the enemy ”
Erwin Rommel