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Well said Leopard. White South Africans spreading around the world will just be doing what so many other groups have done before them. Throughout the history of the US immigrant groups have clustered with others from their home country and as a result the ethnic mix varies by region. Here in New England the majority are of some combination of English-Irish-French heritage but you can find towns that are mostly Polish, Italian, Portugese, or whatever because at some point in the past many people from the same area came here and clustered together. Down in the Carolinas and Virginia, I would hazard a guess that the majority are of Scotch-Irish and English heritage. Some States or regions are mostly of German heritage or Scandinavian heritage and so forth. No matter their background, all want the same things you describe…..safety and well being. It is just profoundly sad that the whites in SA are in the position they are in and feeling they must emigrate.

One additional thought. Throughout history the people who have emigrated to new lands have usually been either the oppressed/disadvantaged that had nothing to lose or the ambitious that saw better opportunities elsewhere.