Random Sunday afternoon thoughts thrown together

First some pictures of rain we had around SA. We are so grateful http://traveller24.news24.com/MyTravels/before-and-after-pics-sas-big-river-arteries-are-flowing-again-20160120
Precious Roy – I first thought that people walk in the streets because where they live the houses might be built without proper planning. Leaving not enough space for walk ways – what would mean they walk in the road out of habit. But then the people in the Netherlands and in Belgium do not walk in the middle of the street. There might be less vehicles driving in the area. People might be less concerned about their safety or their children’s safety. Mostly I think people that walk a lot wants to take the smoothest path for their feet. And then of cause there will be respect or lack of respect towards motorist. The amount of times I need to be careful driving around a corner to find a parent walking in the road with their children….Not holding their hand – with a three meter pathway next to the road… **************
Some people are happy earning a certain amount of money. If they earn more one month, they will go out and spend it – when it is gone they feel so much better. They are used to not having money left in their account. To be more successful, you need to raise your comfort zone. To have more food on the table you need to grow your own vegetable garden. To earn more money you need to work harder or faster or provide a better service. Jumping up and down shouting like an uncivilized idiot has not made any millionaires as far as I know.
Some people simply need to know they have money left in case they need it. They also want quality life. They want healthy food and a comfortable bed to sleep in. They want to live and work in a safe neighbourhood. They are willing to walk faster in their daily step. Study harder to learn and earn more. Work long hours in the sun to get the work done.
There is a time and place for everything. People should have the freedom to choose their own life style. In SA the local municipality can decide how much property tax each owner needs to pay. They tax us is every possible way they can.
Some people would rather strike and dance in the street. Hate the people that drive around in vehicles and own their own business.
We pray often – please protect us from the people that want to destroy our country. It is in our culture to get up early in the morning. White people will feel safer living in white neighbourhoods. People that can talk the same language mostly live in the same neighbourhoods. That is not racist – it is nature. Just like buffalo will stick together; and impala stick together; and lions stick together; and elephant stick together. There is nothing wrong with that. It is nature.
The lions will protect their territory against other lions. Like countries that will protect themselves if other countries try to invade them. People do not feel comfortable to be governed by people that are from another nationality/ culture/ moral values. That is why white people will leave towards countries like NZ. South Africans will adapt and become Kiwi’s. And the next generation will follow the next one. They will speak English to their children. In a few years from now Afrikaans will not be spoken by many that left South Africa.
Yes, we can adapt if we put our minds to it. We can get used to different food, different climate and a whole new world around us. New language and vocabulary. New way of driving. New traffic laws, new history even. But your moral values will be the same. What you want out of life will be the same – You want a house in a safe neighbourhood. Healthy food for your children. You would like to get up early in the morning, go to work and be happy knowing that your family is safe and comfortable. There is South Africans living in Kiev in the Ukraine. I could say the winds have spread us all over the world. Some will never leave SA. They will die here. Do not worry – if we lucky from old age.
In the end we are not going to be told how to live our lives by other people. Especially if they are idiots. If you want to live a good life, no evil can stop you.

Hope everybody braving the winter cold are safe out there in the Northern hemisphere