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Roadracer, I guess I don’t need to add another layer to my tinfoil hat, because that scenario seems all too plausible. Barack MIGHT not be able to muster enough support because he isn’t looked at with great admiration around the world, from what I can tell. He’s certainly not ingratiated himself with Europe, though as a Son of Africa, all the African nations might band together and vote him in anyway, as Secretary General of the World.

The only thing that concerns me is just how silent Elizabeth Warren is, and how very little she’s mentioned in the media anymore. There was a time when she was pasted all across news stories, and then suddenly dropped out of sight. No one interviews her and asks her if she’d reconsider her decision not to accept a nomination, despite the fact that the media folks never leave potential candidates alone once they’ve claimed they’re not interested. I have concern that she’s being hidden away for some purpose. If Bernie wins the nomination, Warren could easily be his VP until he conveniently dies of old age in office, after someone questions Putin to learn exactly how he knocked off Litvinenko. And one of the left overs (Bill or Barack) then gets swept up as Secretary General of the World. And 0.002% Native American Warren even gets to choose her own VP at that point. Wheeeee! Politics can be so much fun.

OR – maybe they need a woman Secretary General, and Liz can bypass all the US mess and go straight to the top of the world. In any case, Ban Ki-Moon’s term is up in January 2017 – timing is everything.

[I just tried another layer of tin foil to see what would happen, and came up with the following. You’re right – Bernie becomes President. And he names {drum roll…..} Barack Hussein Obama as his VP. The 22rd Amendment does not prohibit that. Then the Litvinenko strategy is employed on Ol’ Bern, and we have – another four years of Obama, fully legal because he was not ELECTED (key word in the 22rd Amendment). Gee, politics is even more fun than I realized!]