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MB, it depends on who you’re referring to as “the Republicans.” If by that you mean the rank and file voters, I’m in mild disagreement. Mild, because most of them don’t know nearly enough to be able to intelligently vote anyway. But the disagreement part would be because that’s all they were given to vote FOR – and they all knew (or at least perceived) that ANYTHING would have been better than Barry.

If “the Republicans” = the Party bosses (those that control the primary rules and the convention rules), I would say a resounding “amen” to your post. Well, perhaps that even needs to be qualified. Yes, they’re out of touch with those they get to vote for their candidates, but it’s by choice anyway. I honestly believe the final outcome has been determined to the maximum extent they’ve been able to do so. And they have back up plans for contingencies (such as the Democrats in case Billary is actually indicted, for example). So yes, the party bosses are out of touch, because they don’t CARE what the masses think – it’s irrelevant to them. If people really knew and understood what happened in 2012 during the primaries, and at the conventions (on both sides), there truly would be revolution. But “understanding” simply isn’t possible any longer, because the people have neither the knowledge (i.e. education) nor the care factor to understand.

So in a way, the whole premise of whether the Republicans “learned anything from the horrendous choices [in] the last two elections,” is irrelevant anyway. I firmly believe McCain and Romney were selected TO LOSE, so Obama would become President for nearly a decade, following the massive spending with Monopoly money thanks to W, along with the Patriot Act, various annual versions of the NDAA, etc., that set the stage for Obama to do his fundamental transformation. It was all programmed.

I shall now remove my tin foil hat and prepare for a much earlier bed time tonight (unless Tec posts another hilarious video).