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Could someone send me a complete copy of the Constitution? Mine is apparently missing the part that talks about two parties, and the systematic locking out of any third parties.

The mere fact that we’re governed by a two party system in which either or both parties can completely disregard the will of the people as spoken in the primary outcomes, is evidence enough that the Framers, if resurrected today and allowed to remain on earth long enough to observe what’s become of their gift to The People, would be beyond distraught.

Just think – over the next three months, we’ll effectively choose the two possible choices for President. And because of political “messing” within the parties, many (most?) primaries are no longer winner-take-all, they’re proportional as far as the delegates going to the respective conventions. By itself, I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing. BUT – if, when the delegates get there, and the party bosses don’t like the outcome, they can just do what they did with Ron Paul on day-1 of the 2012 Republican convention, and CHANGE THE RULES. Literally, they could just simply flip off all the primary voters, throw their chosen candidate out of the convention hall, and select their chosen candidate on the spot right there in the convention. Very few people are aware of, or have ever even contemplated that possibility and fact.

I think The People have a vague sense that something’s terribly wrong, but don’t know anywhere near enough to know what it is, nor do they even have any clue how to fix what it is that they don’t even understand how it’s broken. So they select from the two “legitimate” parties, the two most non-establishment (whatever that means) candidates they can – except for Ben Carson, who’s already been very effectively defeated (with his own help, and that of Armstrong Williams). In effect, we have blindfolded people swinging a feather in the air at a menacing sound they hear flapping back and forth past them, not knowing what it is, but trying to knock it down, yet having no idea what they’ll even do if they’re successful. Yet they don’t have the knowledge, skills, or equipment to knock it down and also secure their own safety.