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The issue with Bernie and with Trump is not their specific pro’s and con’s, it is that neither the politically left or the right feel that the traditional Democrats or Republicans are listening to them or acting in their best interests. Bernie & Trump are the only option most folks are seeing right now. Any port in a storm so to speak. That both sides of the political spectrum are looking at candidates this way really does tell us that the Republicans and Democrats have essentially merged into a single party doing the bidding of the 1%. The main stream media doesn’t see it because they too are owned and driven by the 1%.

On the whole socialism thing, both parties are big on income redistribution. They differ only in the words they use to describe it and sometimes in who the recipients are. Neither party eschews tacking on pork to any bill that comes along that has a chance of getting signed, stuff that would never get funded if it had to get voted on publicly. Redistributing to a corporation or other organization for something the country doesn’t need and wouldn’t approve if put to a vote is redistribution same as giving it to a welfare momma. Remember some years back when there was a growing clamor from the elderly and others to allow importation of prescription drugs from Canada. Everyone knew there wasn’t an inherent danger in doing that so what did the then Republican party in charge do? They dramatically increased Medicare prescription coverage adding hundreds of billions in new taxpayer expense rather than force big pharma to compete in a global economy. That was redistribution on a massive scale. The Dems then one upped them doing it on an even bigger scale with Obamacare. Bernie differs from the rest only in that he is willing to be honest in calling redistribution what it is, and perhaps more importantly (and this is what scares them) he differs in who the recipients will be.