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The mere fact that Sanders has the support he does is testimony enough to the dumbing down of America by the education system (something Russell Means talks about heavily in the video I posted elsewhere). At LEAST two generations have no real concept what “socialism” really is. “Oh, it’s not the same as communism!” Oh yeah? You mean like the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics?” Or the agenda of the Democratic Socialists of America? And other “just” socialist organizations and nations? None of the people under 50 ever hid under their desks at school for any drills, except for tornadoes. They don’t know what “fallout shelters” were really for, and how there were fallout shelter signs all over every city in America. They might have seen a grainy black and white video of school kids diving under their desks and covering their heads and shielding their eyes, in practice for the day the nuclear explosions hit their areas. And not one of them has any clue what it was like as we sweated out the Cuban missile crisis, wondering when the nuclear bombs would start flying in both directions.

They also don’t know further back about what happened in Russia (pre-USSR), China, Laos, Cambodia, etc., with the mass murders that took place. All that has changed is that the term “socialism” has been redefined, or perhaps more accurately, given a different “connotation” even though the “denotation” has not really changed technically. But all people know about is the 21st century connotation of the word. It’s harmless – Sweden, Norway, other nations are still intact, and they’re socialist, modern day America (and much of the world) thinks.

I may wear a tin foil hat at times, but one thing I know is the history I lived through, and the earlier history I researched, and the extensive study of communism and Marxism I did during college, and particularly since. Do I think nice, lovable Bernie will “complete the dismantling of the Republic?” I need only look at his history, where he’s traveled, who he’s supported, and what he’s said and written over the years – and I know the answer to that question. A resounding “yes!” Thomas Sowell (as I’ve said here before – sorry if it sounds like a broken record) was interviewed just days before the 2012 election about a new book he’d just published. In the interview he was asked if he thought the constitutional republic could survive a second Obama term. He paused just a moment, then stated an emphatic single word answer: “No!” He didn’t walk it back, didn’t qualify it, he merely explained why he had no difficulty coming to that conclusion. I heard it live, and I was stunned – until I let it sink in a bit. While I think a great deal of Thomas Sowell, I am not in 100% agreement with him (though not too far off). And I didn’t come to my conclusion that he was right simply because he said it – that only seriously grabbed my attention BECAUSE of my respect for him. The fact is, that he was spot on.

And the fact that such a large percentage of the American people are enthralled with this guy is terribly frightening to me – and further reinforces my belief that we’re dead in the water as a nation. There aren’t enough people ready, willing, and able (through knowledge of history and proper principles) to pick up the running of this nation even if “we” all banded together and got Revolution II going strong. Even if we were able to install a constitutional government in theory and practice, not just in name, it would be dismantled again by the dumbed down masses who’d be convinced of the radical, dangerous nature of the revolutionaries. I simply believe we’ve gone too far. And Ol’ Bern would indeed preside over the actual dismantling of the Constitution, not just the de facto dismantling we’re seeing now.

But heck – that’s just my 2¢….