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Any group that will not recognize the Constitution as the highest law of the land should not be here.

A person few would expect to expound eloquently, and extensively on the subject was Russell Means. Some here know who he was, some even in the U.S. may not. The following is long, and it is brought to us initially by someone I have significant discomfort with (Alex Jones). But he only provides a quick introduction, and I just disregard the intro, wait for Russell Means to come on, then I sit back and thoroughly enjoy him explaining to us how precious the Constitution really is, and how we white men (and women) have allowed it to be squandered and become irrelevant. Whether you know who Russell Means was or not, you may be quite surprised (and equally pleased) to learn what he has to say about the Constitution – not because of the messenger, but because of the message itself. Is this worth the extended time to watch? Personally, for me its importance far exceeds that of many full length fictional movies I’ve seen. Don’t want to watch the full 1½ hours? No problem – but for interest, at least start it and go to the 15:25 point. If you can stop there, more power to you. And if you can at least go only two minutes longer, watch the segment from 36:15 – 38:15. I’ll suggest that you might just find (particularly the Americans here) that your interest and curiosity won’t let you turn it off quite yet at that point. If you watched that first 15 minutes (minus Alex Jones), then the 2-minute segment, and want more, go back and start at 15:25 again and keep going – even if in segments (there are multiple segments that become very obvious as you go through it).

While you may not agree with every little jot and tittle, that’s not important. Watch for the concepts. What you will find is that it’s not about Indians, the poverty of the Pine Ridge Reservation, or Russell Means. What it IS about is what patriotic white folks consider to be of great significance – you’ll just never have heard it quite the same way before (and therefore you may be treated to insights about what you already believe, that you never considered before).

Personally, I find this to be a most remarkable and intelligent presentation on the Constitution and what it’s really all about – it just happens to come from a source few would ever expect.