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Warning: Rambling Discourse Ahead

What I am not fine with is any group that comes to the US without the intent to otherwise assimilate into an English speaking America whose cultural heritage is primarily European. In practical terms I would hope that the folks from Mexico/Central America/South America would recognize that what evolved out of the British colonies in what is now the US and Canada worked out far better than the model Spain and Portugal set in motion with their colonies to the South.

However you regard the man who said it, Michael Savage’s dictum (mantra?) of “Borders, Language, Culture” truly is what it takes to define a nation. Without borders, i.e., a defined territory of their own, a group of people may regard themselves as a “nation,” united in some cause or ideal (Jews, pre-Israel, or currently, “Palestinians”) but without their own land, they are subject to the whims and vagaries of other nations so possessed. Without a common language to unite them, and in which to precisely express and codify their laws, they will argue fruitlessly over misinterpretations. Without a common culture, they will come to conflict over what is right, and what is wrong, never mind that others, elsewhere do things differently.

That does not mean that they must seek to conquer the lands of others, only that they must defend theirs. It does not mean that other languages must be unwelcome. Each language on the planet has developed over the ages, in response to different environments and cultures, and as such, each is yet another valuable way of perceiving and communicating aspects of reality. But without a single common language between them, they remain as disunited as a rope-connected troupe of mountain climbers whose ropes have been cut into short leads, and some won’t be able to arrive at their safe and intended destination

There are cultures predominantly based on production and trade, as the way to increase the well-being of the individual and the group, and there are cultures predominantly based on plunder as the way. This is usually reflected in the language that the culture uses, and in the kind of governance that culture seeks. Bring in too much too soon of another culture, and the established ways will be diluted and eventually overcome. This is useful knowledge for a nation which guards its liberty, as well as for people who wish to stealthily conquer such a nation. Liberty begets prosperity, but unfortunately for us, prosperity begets laxity.

The feudal system of Spain, heavily influenced as it was by centuries of Muslim occupation, came forcefully upon the Western hemisphere, and persisted here longer than in Spain itself — one might think that it has lasted in some places to the present day. The feudal system of England was in transition to a rough commercialism by the time it reached our shores, and though there was plenty of mistreatment of the indigenous people, and of those brought here as slaves, the view eventually developed here (and in England) that slavery and exploitation were contrary to the Rights of Man, and the kind of nation we wanted to become. We are still sorting out the wrongs of those times, and their effects upon us.

I can only hope and expect that eventually these things will simply become history instead of the sore spots of social conflict they currently are. I like to think that my Anglo-Saxon ancestors eventually made peace with my Norman ancestors, however grinding the serfdom must have been, and they in turn eventually must have made peace with my German forbears, else I wouldn’t be here.

Did the English (Brits) make India a better place merely because these spice-loving English were speaking and exercising English values over a non-Christian multi-lingual nation. No, now India speaks all sorts of English and they are still suffering.

I haven’t been to India, but from what I read, they are in the process of becoming a more prosperous nation, and overcoming the caste system as they industrialize. They have come up with a wide variety of technological adaptations to provide electric power, clean cooking heat, communications, and motor vehicles, at cost and scale that helps without overpowering. I suspect that whatever the deficits in the way the English treated them, the cultural concept the Brits left behind, of a government that owes service and reasonable laws to its people (however badly it may fail in the execution), may have had something to do with the current trends toward prosperity.

Whatever the failings of this nation and its government (and they were many and serious) in the late nineteenth century, the entire map of Europe was virtually redrawn, ancient kingdoms overturned … by unlettered peasants … scrambling … just to get here … such was the promise of a nation where one could own oneself! We’ve certainly managed to overcome our unwanted liberty, more’s the pity! If we retied those short lengths of climbing rope into a coherent lead, could we scale the mountain again? I think we need to braid a new one.

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