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Tolik, fortunately you don’t live near Spanish-speakers but, too bad you see Spanish-speakers as “Third Worlders” and their nations are turned to sh*t, but I am certain as an American who has really studied history that speaking English does NOT insure peace and prosperity — once upon a time there were all these blue and grey suited men slaughtering each other in waves creative violence, men who all spoke English when the nation was hardly 100 years old and values were strong. I will admit this to you, same thing has happened among Spanish-speakers, (and many other monolingual countries) because it’s NOT language that causes these bloody divisions, rather it’s organized corruption and those who resist it.
Tolik, I’ll I was pointing out is that we American Indians have language rights/ protected under treaty, (highest law of the Nation) and this does NOT apply to the Greek, Italian, German, Irish, French, Korean, Farsi, Urdu-speaking, immigrants– but it does cover the former Mexican citizens and their descendants who did NOT immigrate but remained in the lands under the new U.S. Government it is just a question– Did the English (Brits) make India a better place merely because these spice-loving English were speaking and exercising English values over a non-Christian multi-lingual nation. No, now India speaks all sorts of English and they are still suffering. In a post-SHTF world knowing Spanish may come in pretty handy. Most of the Western Hemisphere speaks it.