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The comments here by dorrette and Leopard have me thinking about people here in the US and what I have observed. In Jackson Mississippi(the state capital) there was a city councilman who openly advocated throwing rocks, bottles and bricks at police from other jurisdictions who chase suspects back into Jackson. It was on the national news here. A few days after that there was a small group of teenagers 13-15yo who decided to throw bricks off an overpass at cars on the interstate. This is supposed to be an adult in a leadership position and this is his mentality. Like other cities(or countries) where those of his ilk are in charge, taxes go up and effeciency goes down. They run all the successsful businesses out of town and let the infrastucture fall apart.

The old Zulu’s comment stuck with me as I had a conversation just yesterday about that. So many places just being run into the ground. If there were just a few people who honestly didn’t want the areas ruined surely they would have done or tried to do something. Sought help or at the very least let it be known that they want to do better. I believe that is the mentality of many of the people in the US though they will not admit it. Sour grapes. They don’t want it built up, they want to tear it all down out of spite and hatred I suppose for “revenge” against some slight they have been programmed to be upset about. Yes bad things happened, but do you really want to give up air conditioning, electricity and running water over that? There are some who say oh it isn’t fair for some to be so comfortable. Well, life isn’t fair, never has been and never will be. Mao lived far better than the average peasant. People are easily manipulated into doing things that are not in their best interest. It is scary how apparently easy and effective it must be. I have another friend who says the people are so brutal over there because there is no God there. They are being used as a battering ram by people who have thought this out for more thoroughly than they have. I recently saw a documentary that shed light on the forces behind what happened to Rhodesia and a speech by president Reagan about how South Africa was a threat to the foreign policy/security of the United States.

Leopard, did I understand correctly that it is their culture to walk in the road because they do not want to walk by the side of it? It is a common occurance to see people doing that here, mainly in residential areas, but they will walk 5 abreast in the middle of the street. I always wondered why and if that was some cultural thing somehow.