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Back to the thread topic, WWIII may not be right at the corner, but pieces keep moving into place. Add to all the other cr@p forming quite “nicely” around the world, and with much “thanks” to Mz. Hillary and her SMEDP (Systematic Middle East Destabiliazation Project), we have the following two items of progression.

1. Egypt is in full paranoid mode. As 25 January approaches (anniversary of the protests that toppled Mubarak), people are being swept up left and right, detained, questioned,intimidated, sometimes jailed, etc. And the Ministry of Religious Endowments is putting out the word to mosques and imams all over Egypt that to disrupt stability is to commit a major crime in the eyes of God – in other words essentially, “Go with the flow, accept what we’ve got, by all means don’t protest Al Sisi and the government, or you’ll be considered an official sinner subject to State action.” That comes from a “suggested topics” piece titled, “”The Blessing of Safety and Security”

As the fifth anniversary of Jan. 25 protests that ended Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule approaches, the toughest security crackdown in Egypt’s history is a clear sign that authorities are worried.

“There is a high level of paranoia on the part of the government. It is an inadvertent admission that there have been a number of failures,” said Timothy Kaldas, nonresident fellow with the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy.


Ahhhh…. Isn’t totalitarianism great?

2. Enter, stage (far) left, the new savior: China. Now we’ve got that same paranoid government completing a number of significant deals with their new pals, the Chinese. (Aren’t those the same guys that just concluded more “pal” deals with South Africa, as well as a few on our side of the world?) Highlights of an article include:

China signed investment and aid deals worth billions of dollars with Egypt during a visit by President Xi Jinping on Thursday and expressed support for Cairo’s efforts to maintain stability, which have included a tough crackdown on dissent.

Xi arrived in Egypt on Wednesday on the second leg of a Middle East tour that signals China’s push for greater influence in a region that provides vital oil supplies.

“China supports Egypt’s efforts to maintain stability, develop the economy and improve livelihoods, and supports Egypt to play an even greater role in international and regional affairs,” Xi said, according to China’s foreign ministry.

Heralding a new era of closer political and economic ties, officials from the two countries signed 21 deals at a ceremony in Cairo that could see China significantly ramp up investments in the most populous Arab country.

Egypt has largely relied on billions of dollars in aid from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to keep its economy afloat, but an oil price slump has raised doubts over whether the OPEC producers can maintain strong support.

Xi arrived in Egypt from Saudi Arabia and will head next to Iran.

While Xi was in Riyadh, China signalled its support for Yemen’s government, which is fighting an Iran-allied militia, and repeated a call for a peaceful settlement in Syria.


Oil? Who says it’s not about oil (and ultimately, money and power)?

While we’re at it, why don’t we just go ahead and align ourselves more closely with the prevailing power in the world by electing Bernie Sanders? I mean, what could be wrong with a self-proclaimed socialist who just happens to have suddenly chosen to run under the Democrat flag – who chose for his 1988 honeymoon Yaroslavl, USSR (which he made a sister city with Burlington, VT, where he was mayor at the time), actively supported Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua (which he visited in 1985, ALSO making Managua a sister city), and also visited Cuba in 1989, seeking a meeting with his pal, Fidel? Clearly he’s got international diplomacy down to an art, and could get along just fine with China and Russia, given their mutual philosophical roots. Plus, he could further enhance the fantastic progress with Cuba by Hussein Obama. Heck – with ol’ Bernie at the helm, we might not even NEED a WWIII – he could get it all done peacefully with his friends.