Spanish is the language of the 3rd world ………….sorry , but it should be rejected . Every nation where Spanish is the national language is a crap country , where nothing works . That sounds hateful but truth is truth . Every place the English went , they by in large bettered the place , everywhere the Spanish went , they just looted and enslaved . The French ? still up for debate . Too much tolerance is a killer of a nation , countries exist for a reason . Another reason I admire Putin’s nationalism , speak Russian and obey our laws, or find another place to live . We used to be that way , look at us now . We are more divided than any time in our nations history .My girl is Russian and I have no good explanation for her when she asks Why do they let that happen ? Thats the way humanity is , the conquerer makes the rules and sets the culture , its not a positive thing , but thats the way it has been sense man set foot out of the cave . Its up to the people of any nation to resist another way that threatens their way of life . That is not going to change , we would like to think we are above natures laws ………..but in the end , we are still animals , and subject to it . Thats why one world government and one world order will never come to pass , they may get close , but it will fail . Why ? because we are animals , and human nature will make the best laid plans turn to s$it .
” No plan survives first contact with the enemy ”
Erwin Rommel