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MountainBiker, you’re welcome sir, ever hear of a treaty that was ratified on the 4th of July of 1848 the treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo signed in Feb. of 1848 and approved in July 4, 1848?. The treaty states that Mexicans were to be allowed to retain their culture (language is an essential expression of one’s culture, this covers Native Indigenous peoples as well as Mexicans (who are mostly indigenous from DNA) in exchange for their lands. In ONE day of legal endorsement 10,000 Mexican nationals were made part of the USA in the states of Texas, etc. keep in mind New Mexico and Arizona were maintained as “territories” for nearly 50 years after the USA obtained the land from the Republic of Mexico. Part of the reason that was is rooted in the need for more English speakers in each area where Spanish still was the majority language up until statehood. Here’s what I know, MONEY doesn’t care what language you speak as long as you can help it grow, the languages of the indigenous Americans are not money-making languages, so they suffer. Spanish is a serious hemispheric language and will remain so, as long as there’s people in the Western Hemisphere. I hope we all learn a few languages that will lead to a greater understanding of country.