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Corvus, I didn’t know that about Indian citizenship and the religious freedom law. Thanks. Muslims are only maybe 1% of the population so we are far from them becoming a majority anywhere other than a couple towns in Michigan. It just seems like they are a larger presence given who/what occupies the Oval Office and the CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood gang he has surrounded himself with. On that note blacks are only 13% of the population but you would think they are the majority if you look at the mix of top officials in DC and in our major cities.

The conversation on this thread has been all over the place and I hesitated to jump in for want of knowing how to express myself but I’ll try. Note that when I say native I mean US born, not native as in Indians. Yes GS we all can learn from different cultures if we are willing to extend mutual respect but it cannot be a one way street. At a national level it is inherent upon the newcomers whoever they might be to show respect for the native culture already in place and to try to assimilate. That’s where mutual respect must start. Muslims have refused to do that wherever they go, demanding instead that their new countries change to do things their way. The US has tens of millions of non-native born people from everywhere in the world. For the most part Europeans, Asians and people from India have assimilated rather well and they have been welcomed. Mexicans and folks from Central America will get there eventually but their assimilation has been comparatively slow. I think this is in part due to those coming from those places representing a very different socio-economic mix. Many native Americans resent the costs that entails and that serves to foster an us-them mindset. Another piece of it though that some find scary is the whole La Raza thing that basically thinks the Southwest is theirs to reclaim and essentially rejects assimilation. That really shouts us-them and as the newcomers it is inherent on them to dissipate those fears. The native Americans should not have to defend that this is an English speaking country or that our deep history is that of European colonization of Native American lands, horrible as that process was. Yes, the Mexicans were in the Southwest before the “English” and that cultural heritage is very much a part of the local culture as it should be, but the fact is the Mexicans took that land from the true Native Americans before they in turn lost it to the English. Their claim is no stronger than say is the Netherlands to the greater NYC area, Spain’s to Florida, or Sweden’s to Delaware. They had it and then they lost it to the “English”. We in the US almost always welcome “them” when they come looking to join us rather than force us into being something different.