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I hear ya. I haven’t decided what my final choice will be come Primary day, but I have no optimism at all about November. The media and pollsters are doing a masterful job of setting the agenda for the masses.

While I don’t think he’s ready (i.e. had enough exposure to the world scene or politics in general), I still like Carson overall. I trust him in the sense of being a good, honest man. I’d love to hear him be able to expound his plans on a wide variety of issues, but he’d really have to convince me that he’s truly up to it. And I’d have to be absolutely convinced that he’d wield the veto pen with a vengeance almost never seen before. I DO like his stance on ISIS – effectively going after them like a cancer, and eliminating them altogether, while not committing massive numbers of troops in a long-term Iraq/Afghanistan/Vietnam mess. I don’t know if that’s even possible, but at least he sees the need to decidedly go after ISIS and largely rely on his military to call those shots, while at the same time, not getting bogged down with far more American lives lost or ruined (particularly if we’re still the primary force). Like I said, I’m not optimistic. I do like honesty and integrity, and I see him as a standout in that regard. And I LOVE his wife! She’d make a great First Lady.

Rubio? Forget him! Bush? Even worse (no more dynasties, including Clinton, or next we’ll be seeing Chelsea). Cruz? Not a nice man, and far too fast on the trigger and willing to send in large numbers of our young men and women – possibly triggering WWIII. I don’t think he could effectively negotiate with Putin at all – just p___ him off. The rest on the Republican side don’t appear to have any chance at all. But then anything could come out of either Convention, including a Warren or Romney. I wouldn’t count anything out. Depending on what the Republicans do, I can see us in that impossible two-front (maybe three?) war easily. Hillary? We may not get in a big war directly, she’d just finish taking us down completely, and we’d be defeated from within, without a military strike (except for a Chinese or Russian master-hack).

Subject to change…. ;)