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No due respect necessary. I am in total agreement there, and have been disgusted for decades at our politicians’ willingness to kill off tens of thousands of US Soldiers (generically speaking, since they came from all branches of the military), largely through absurd rules of engagement, political wrangling, and even undeclared wars that should never have been fought (at least at the times they were). If every one of them had been required to send their closest living male relative over the age of 18 to a combat assignment (not some behind-the-lines admin post, or stateside assignment), things might have been much different. No sons? No problem. Deal with the family as they had to explain why the nephew or grandson had to be sent off to real, dangerous combat. If we aren’t going to win it quickly and decisively, don’t get in it. And make it congressionally declared (something or other to do with the Constitution).