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Roadracer, China will collapse first, just my opinion. I have pointed this out before. The Chinese depend on export to all the world but the world is not buying there products like before. Europe is in trouble and so are we. The Baltic Dry Index is the first sign of what is happening to China’s economy. 2015 Dow stock market was down about 3% and 2016 is the worst start EVER!!! Never has a year started this bad. The sign is everywhere. The other sign is Oil prices word wide. China is cut there oil purchases. I believe Chins has closed there markets many time before they were to collapse. They also have put billions into there stock market to keep it from collapsing just like we did since 2008. How long will all this hold up who knows but it is only running because they are all printing money and holding up the economies from collapsing. They are buying time to get ready for what is coming.