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Indigenous populations were employing stone age technology in conflict with industrial technology. If we are invaded by space aliens I’d expect the same out come. Bye bye earthing.

So that just makes it OK? The point had nothing to do with “might makes right,” it had to do with mutual respect – a concept little considered through history.

And given the primary focus of this Forum (what to do to survive when the SHTF), I find it more than a bit interesting that all the industrial age technology in the world won’t help most of the “Europeans.” I suspect some of the Indian grandfathers could teach circles around SERE School instructors. Technology isn’t everything. I’d be happy to have a good bit of the knowledge and skills possessed by at least the elders (too many of the younger generation are sadly abandoning much of the traditions, and thereby losing the knowledge and skills). And the Indians (some tribes more than others at least) actually had a successfully working concept of government before the Europeans ever got here.

As for how this applies to the thread topic, I have often imagined just what this country (the US) might be like had that mutual respect been there on both sides. There was room enough for all, had they chosen to use it wisely and well. And both sides could have learned so much from the other to their mutual benefit. The lessons are still there to be learned, but sadly won’t be. I stand on my original point.